The P53 Diet & Lifestyle was developed by author/researcher David W. Brown. The name P53 comes from Dave’s favorite gene TP53 aka P53. P53 is a tumor suppressor gene. It is like a guardian of our genome. It is sometimes referred to as this. Once Dave started eating this way his health changed for the better. He lost weight and kept it off. He did this without sacrificing his organs like other fad diets. The P53 Diet is NOT a fad diet, but a lifestyle. This diet structure is not just for people who want to lose weight, it is also for people who are suffering from cancers and other ailments. Good nutrition is the key to good health. Once you understand how the body works and the metabolic pathways involved, you will see the important role of nutrition, and the amino acids role on our overall health. The people that have been eating the P53 Diet way swear by it. It just works! If you are in an area that has P53 Food Carts please stop by and taste how good the recipes can taste.

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