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These recipes posted here, are free to give you an idea that plant-based recipes can taste great, and they are great for you. Feel free to download, and use there are more of these great recipes if you sign up. Plus the meal planing, and so much more. Get your health back!


This great-tasting recipe is a favorite among people on the P53 Diet plan. It is loaded with good nutrients and easy to make!

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Orzo, Sweet Potato, Ginger

A great tasting nutrient-packed main dish, or as a side dish. This dish is easy to prepare.

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Dave's Quick Black Bean Burger

Looking for a meat replacement burger? Look no further. This is a great tasting burger, without the unhealthy side effects.

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Lisa's Rustic
White Bean
Quinoa Soup

This great-tasting soup is loaded with the Phytochemicals your body needs on a daily basis.

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