P53 Diet Members Network

With your subscription to the P53 Diet, you will receive a membership to the P53 Diet Members Network. The Members Network is a place for networking for members of the P53 Diet. We have setup groups for things such as Cancer, Diabetes, Weight Loss, and others. If you don’t see the group that fits your needs you have the ability to create your own group that you can make the group public or private. You can reach out to make new friends that you can private  message with. You can leave reviews, or likes on posts. You can also post files, videos, images and more. You can leave comment on the forums. You have the ability to make connections with others that might have the same type cancer, or other aliments as you.  Networking with others that want to get healthy is a good thing. Connecting with people with like type interests can help you to stay healthy.

   P53 Diet Members Network Social Features

  • The Social wall to let you share posts, pictures, videos, and other content.
  • Friend connection feature to help you connect with people by sending, accepting and removing friendship.
  • Follows and unfollow system.
  • Notification to keep you notified on likes, comments, etc.
  • Private messages feature.
  • User groups feature to bring together people with similar interest in the interactive position.
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Bookmark posts.
  • Like, comment, reply and mention feature along with the number of emoticons and smileys.
  • Media uploader that allows uploading media files.
  • Sticky posts, site-wide notices, live URL preview, extended profile features to add on to the user experience.

The P53 Diet Members Network lets you connect with others that share the same desire to get healthy! 

With the P53 Diet Members Network you can join an existing group or your can create your own. You can make the group public or private.


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