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Terms of Service for Affiliate Program
The affiliate program has a 25% commission structure. Each affiliate will act as 1099 not as an employee. As long as you are continually getting referrals each month, you can be earning money on a monthly basis. You will need to signup 1 referral a month to keep getting monthly recurring payouts. If you sell under 1 referral each month you will placed on notice, and you will have 30 days to get back on track. If you fail to get any referrals in 60 consecutive days, your affiliate status could be terminated and all commissions will no longer be payable. You will still be able to use the site as a user.

If you wish to attend a trade show that we will be with a booth you are welcome to work the booth at no charge to P53 Diet. Each person you talk to at the booth you use your QR code for them to signup. You must also sign a liability form before attending. All your expenses will be covered by you not P53 Diet. We will only allow a couple of affiliates to attend at each trade show. Any person wanting to represent their own trade show must get pre-approved in writing to be a vendor representing the P53 Diet.

To become an affiliate you must first be signed up as a silver, gold or platinum member. After you become a signup member with silver, gold or platinum account you then need to fill out the Affiliate Registration form and agree to the terms of becoming an affiliate. You will be notified by email. You will also need to have a PayPal account this is the only way in which we payout.

You agree not to share recipes with others in any form. The recipes contained on the P53 Diet website are the property of the P53 Diet. We have spent a lot of money and a lot of time developing these recipes with all the nutritional values. We cannot afford to have people give it away. The best way to handle someone that wants a recipe is to have them scan your QR code and signup. That way you get the referral and your are not breaking the law.

If you are wanting a poster to hangup promoting the P53 Diet with your QR code on it. We can supply you with the PDF that you will need to take to your sign maker/printer. See the example.

We can only record referrals that use your QR code or your Affiliate Referral Id.

I understand that all affiliates will be paid 4 times per year. The cutoff dates will be the 25th of the previous month at 11:59pm.

• Jan 2nd

• Apr 2nd

• July 2nd

• Sep 2nd

 I also agree that I responsible for obtaining my own PayPal account.

No Kickbacks
I understand that I cannot give a kickback to anyone, this could be in the form of money, services, gifts, etc. Your affiliate status will be terminated if you promise kickbacks of kind to any individual or business.

Animal Products & Toxins

I understand that while I am an affiliate with the P53 Diet, I cannot recommend any animal products or toxins (food additives). This goes against all P53 Diet polices. Your can loose your affiliate status if this happens. I also understand that I will not refer to the P53 Diet as vegan, we say "we are a plant-based diet, that does not allow any animal products."


I understand that my affiliate agreement may be terminated for making misleading or misrepresentations about the P53 Diet or any staff members.

You must agree to these terms to become an affiliate. If you agree to these terms please sign the form, and click the submit button. It might take a couple of days to process the application.

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