Steve & Tonya Larsen

Stay Healthy My Friends!

Steve Larsen

Left: Tonya Larsen, Steve Larsen & Manager Summer Schimandle

Steve and Tonya Larsen will be opening the first P53 Food Cart soon in Troutdale Station, in Troutdale, Oregon.
“After receiving the dreadful news of my Cancer, early this year, I turned to the P53 Diet as a method to treat my disease. The results were amazing and, to be honest with you, life-saving,” said Steve Larsen. Steve and Tonya feel so strongly about the results of this “style of eating” that they have made it their mission to get the word out. This is a healthy alternative that is not only good for you but can target the debilitating illnesses and diseases that plague almost every family today.
Come see Steve, Tonya, and Manager Summer Schimandle (the shining face of the P53 Food Cart at Troutdale Station) and hear our story. We look forward to getting you on the road to better health or, heck, just eating healthy!
Stay Healthy My Friends!

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Troutdale Station
151 SE 257th Dr
Troutdale, Oregon

Food Cart Business Phone:

Hours of operation:

11 am – 8 pm Daily 

Social Media:
Facebook: P53 Troutdale Station

Instagram: P53TroutdaleStation


Delivery services accepted currently:

Uber Eats

Door Dash

Grub Hub

*Don’t see your favorite delivery service? Leave us a message and we’ll consider adding them

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