P53 Food Trailers

Coming Soon: You will now be able to enjoy the same P53 Diet recipes while you are eating out. I was asked by people on the P53 Diet website that are also restaurant general managers if I would license the use of my logo and recipes for food trailer use. Since then, I have been working with a Boise-based company to produce a turnkey solution at an affordable price. The demand for healthy foods is one of the most requested items in the food trailer industry in 2022. 

• 100% Plant-Based

• All Recipes P53 Diet Approved

• No Toxins

• No Animal Products

• No Preservatives

• No Cooking Oils

Our P53 Food Trailers are in production now, with many more on deck. The first P53 food trailer will be in the Camas, Washington area. Food trailers will also be in Boise, Idaho, Bend & Portland, Oregon. Although the great-tasting food recipes were designed to help people with cancers and other ailments and people who want to lose weight, it is for everyone that wants healthy, great-tasting food. The menu will consist of Bowls, Soups, Salads, and 100% fruit juices. The investment opportunity in this trend in the healthy food trailer industry is high. Please direct message me if anyone is interested in knowing more about starting a P53 Food Trailer in your area. 

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