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Devon & Heather Rowe

My wife and I are both natives of the Pacific Northwest.  We have so much love for this beautiful area we live in.  I started learning about nutrition and plant-based eating through my in-laws. They walked through a health issue that was solved by eating plant-based foods. Eventually, this woke me up about my eating habits and what needed to be changed. I’m the guy who has lived on fast food my entire life up until recently. I’m a slow learner, but I’m finally starting to actually see the benefits of eating healthy. My head is clearer, my energy has increased substantially and I’m not tired mid-day like I used to be. As I age I’m finally seeing the value in eating a healthy diet. I want to grow old and be able to still go on vacations and partake in activities that are physical. I see too many people that finally reach the golden age of retirement and they’re too broke down to enjoy life. We have a daughter and a son and one day they’ll hopefully produce some grandchildren for us. We want to be able to be active and involved grandparents and we want to be able to be physically fit and healthy to enjoy our family as long as possible. 

Knowing how good I feel and the amazing benefits that a healthy diet produces, both the wife and I want to share this news with our community. Our goal is to have three (3) P53 food carts in the greater Portland metro area to help do our part to educate our community on the benefits of eating a plant-based diet. Staying healthy is better than getting healthy, but getting healthy is better than breaking down your body with poor nutrition. My family is blessed enough to have found this way of life. We’re hoping to spread the word and keep our community thriving too. We look forward to meeting wonderful new people while creating amazing foods and relationships in the communities we serve. 

Try the delicious Mexi Bowl!

Trailer# 3
The Heist
4727 SE Woodstock Blvd
Portland, Oregon

Hours of operation:

11 am – 9 pm Tuesday – Saturday

11 am – 8 pm Sunday

Closed Mondays 

Delivery services accepted currently:

Uber Eats

Door Dash

Grub Hub

*Don’t see your favorite delivery service? Leave us a message and we’ll consider adding them.

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